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Penzio Accommodation Apartment in Balatonfured
(for rooms with Breakfast !!) 

Room with 2 beds 

Room with 3 beds  (2.adults&1.children) 

Room with 4 beds
(2.adults &
2.children or 3.adults) 

Off-peak period:
from 02.01 - to.12.06
from 01.09 - to.18.12
35 - 39 Euro
2 persons/night  
42 - 46 Euro
3 persons/night
50 - 55 Euro
4 persons/night
Middle season:
from 13.06 - to.30.06
from 25.08 - to.31.08
39 - 43 Euro
2 persons/night
50 - 55 Euro
3 persons/night
58 - 64 Euro
4 persons/night
High season: 
from 01.07 -to.24.08 from19.12 - to.02.01.
50 - 56 Euro
2 persons/night
62 - 69 Euro
3 persons/night
73 - 82 Euro
4 persons/night

Placing a small pet (cat, dog) in his owners room costs: 6,-Euro/night

2013 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Bike Week Alsóörs from 05.06.2012- to 09.06.2012

*The breakfast is inclueded in the price.
*The rooms with 4 beds contains 2 rooms. They are for families with children the most suitable.

In the off-peak period you can use the bicycles for free.

The local taxes aren't included in the prices.
The local taxe is 1,6 Euro/person/day. Children under 18 don't have to pay taxes.

Pentioners, young couples, guests with motors and others guests get a preferance in the off-peak period in case that they book at least 5 nights.  You can get more information, when you contact us per e-mail  designkep.jpg, 32kB

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